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Your New Neighbors:
People Who've Made a
Career of Careful Planning.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsSome of the leading lights of Corpus Christi have made their home at Mirador.

    Ranchers, business executives, engineers, developers—people who could retire anywhere. Why have they chosen Mirador? One common thread is that they’re all successful planners, professionally and personally. Mirador gives them a plan for health care and financial security—as well as personal growth and fulfillment.


Our residents speak.

I never imagined I would be so happy anywhere other than my home. It feels too much like a vacation to be true! I love the coastal lifestyle. I love the people. I can sit and talk with them for hours. I love the activities. There’s just so much to...Read More

- Joann Myster

It’s been nothing but pluses. If I want to see friends, or go out to dinner, I just go down the hall. I don’t have to drive. And I don’t have to cook! 

We looked at Mirador when my husband started to have health problems. The doctor told us, ‘Mirador has...Read More

- Mary and Ivan Pierce

We came to Mirador because we wanted choices. We didn’t want our children worrying about us. The community feeling here—we just love it. We’ve made 70 new friends! Swimming in the pool is good for my husband’s back, and I enjoy yoga and Zumba. Since we’ve come here, our walking...Read More

- Diane and Pastor Sam Gottlich

The first draw was the quality of life. We’re in our 70’s and enjoying life. I like the idea that we can lock the door, inform the front desk and just take off. We visited the sister community (Querencia in Austin) and saw people who were happy, excited and eager to...Read More
- Harold & Roma Onwiler

We’re very active,” says Fay, a schoolteacher for 35 years. “I play golf three times a week and exercise at the athletic club. I like the fact that Mirador is close to town, near my bank and the places we like to go. I also like all the activities they’ll...Read More

- Joe and Fay Sassman

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